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Welcome!  My name is George Mulak and I am the chief owner of this site.

My associates and I will seek to provide you with honest and informative news about technology and it’s products.  Our goal is to help relieve the confusion as much as possible and give links and news to honest answers.  Although we love Microsoft and Apple (registered trademarks) we also appreciate the innovation that open source software and hardware provide to the consumer.  In other words, we are not into bashing or playing favourites.  The goal is to provide you, the user the best possible “fit” to their need or problem.

Full disclosure:  I also own the page:  http://www.georgemulak.com and work at http://www.tierratek.com and http://www.americanfinancialtax.com!

Come back and visit.  Ask us questions!  We will endeavour to help!

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