Free Computer Lab in Huntington Beach, California

Students at Lab In Huntington Beach

Students learning computers at the lab

We have a free computer lab in the library at the Surf City Church (Formerly First United Methodist Church in Huntington Beach) on Monday’s around 6:30 p.m.

Please contact us well in advance of coming by using the “Contact Us!” menu item in the black header above to make sure we will be there.  This is important as we have volunteers and sometimes other church or life activities take precedence!  :-)

It is a lab format, which is free-form, and not classroom based where you can get your questions answered and sometimes minor hardware issues resolved.  It is a non-threatening environment where no question is a “bad” or “stupid” question.  We are all there to learn.

From time-to-time there have been requests for classes, which we have accommodated. Classes such as “Introduction to Computers”,  “Word Processing”, “Facebook”, “Email”, “Digital Photography” and others have been offered.

For those people that complete an agreed upon task we make an effort to provide them a free computer, at no charge.

For more posts and information please see the “Lab” menu above in the black header.  Open the “Contact Us!” menu item in a different page or tab (you can right-click) if you wish to navigate back to this page.

Let us know what you think!  We would love to hear from you!

SCaLE 13X Introduction

SCaLE 13X is happening next week!   <– Click on the link to find out more!  It is going to be one of the best ones ever!  Last year we saw an increase of the younger generation at an exponential rate, which was very exciting.  It has been projected by organizers that will continue to happen.   Jono Bacon is going to be there in his new role at XPrize, Solving Humanities Grand Problems instead of his former role as Community Developer at Ubuntu.  Nathan Haines will be there managing the Ubuntu booth and keeping us all going the same direction.  He is just finishing up his new book, “Beginning Ubuntu Linux for Windows and Mac Users“, published by apress.  Hopefully he will have some previews for us!   I have had the privilege of reviewing some chapters and it is going to be VERY good.  Jorge Castro will be there with a presentation on JuJu.    Open hardware, Cloud, free software, it will all be there!  More than I can present here right now.  I will have more as the event unfolds.  It is only $75 for the full event, well worth it.  If you can only afford the exhibition hall (extensive) it is only $10, great for those technology oriented kids!

Please note, this is the 13th SCaLE!  It is huge!  The Hilton Airport is already sold out as well as a lot of the hotels in the area.